That’s a bird feeder? Really?!

Its a well known fact that sparrows and other small birds are massive fans of extreme sports. So it may not come to you as a surprise that finally , someone has now catered for these little creatures’ desire to enjoy their favourite sport and eat at the same time.

The Bungee Bird Feeder is the talk of bird land right now and sparrows everywhere are on the look out to see who has them hanging in their gardens or off their balconies.

Made entirely from bird seed, the Bungee Bird Feeder is probably the coolest and oddest looking accessory for the garden around. It immediately becomes the talking point of the garden as it dives from nearby trees and waits for passing feather-bearing bi-peds.

The feeder is made up of a mixture of different seeds. Red and Yellow Broomcorn Millet make up the body or skeleton of the feeder in a husk type structure. The outer surface of the feeder is then made up of a coating of seeds which are fixed to the feeder using a glucose mix. The figure has its arms stretched out and actually does look like a mini person bungee jumping. The resulting effect is quite startling and eye-catching. The Bungee Feeder is sturdy and comes in a well presented blister pack together with its own bungee chord to allow you to hang it from wherever you want .

Don’t expect birds to come to it straight away though. This is not what a bird normally recognizes as a feeder, but when eventually they do realize that this is a feeding spot, they come in their droves, or rather, flocks… If you’re shopping around for something a bit different for your garden are, then look no further!